Saturday, October 3, 2015 at 10:00 a.m.

Located at 1005 N. 5th Street, Estherville, IA

Follow signs from Hwy 4 and 9 Intersection to the sale

1972 Boler American sleeps 3-4 camper with single axle….easy to pull

1967 Forester sleeps 5 functional camper with tandem axle

Heavy gun safe

Modern Guns:  Parkerized Model 835 Mossberg, pump 12 Ga. 2 3/4 to 3 1/2 with sling, Squire Model Interarms, double barrel 410 G. Savage Model 24 22 cal/410 G. over and under case harden action, Savage Model 24 22 cal mag/20 . over and under SN D577524, Savage model 93 R 17 Cal bolt action w/clip and Bushnell 3 x 9 Scope, 410/45 action 22 w/Bushnell scope 4 x 32 on composite shacked stock, Savage Mark 1 Y 22 cal. bolt action rifle, Savage Model 15 A 22 Cal. bolt action, J Stevens Arms Model 1915 22 cal. falling block rifle, J Ste3vens Arms crack shot galling block 22 cal. rifle, Cimaron repeating arms Model 1878 Coach gun double barrel 12 G. twin hammers shorty, Harrington Richardson Topper Model 098 3″ 12 ga. SN HW 245903 clean, Harrington and Richardson Model 1871 38-55 Winchester Cal. single shot break open, H & R Model 1871 4570 caliber Buffalo Classic composite stock Marlin arms 25 model 22 cal bolt action w/clip and sling Stevens model tripod sling/composite stock, SKS 7.62 cal sportsterized China w/scope 4 x 25 with tripod sling/composite stock, SKS 7.62 Chinese standard stock with bayonet and sling, SKS 7.62 Yugo 207829 bolt action with bayonet

Black Powder rifles and shotguns:  54 cal. Model 1803 Harpers Ferry rifle barrel tiger maple stock in flint lock sharp gun, Springfield US model 1878 45 cal. BP SN 35321 H 61 cal. tower flint lock long rifle with tacks and tiger maple, BP etched and checked 12 G. double barrel smooth bore shotgun, 54 cal. arm sport rifle with percussion breach loader SN38611, E. James & Col double barrel 12 G percussion shotgun, Hertiage underhammer percussion 45 cal rifle with octagon barrrel

The Twigg name was “Flint Lock Builder” ion England circa 1740-17901779 +vintage lock

Pistols Cartridge:  P. Webley and London Police 752 45 cal. SN 86023, H & $ 32 Cal. 6 shot breakopen, H & R model 949 22 cal. AF 58262, Rugar 22 Cal., semi auto w/2 Clips SN 13-33596 with Rugar holster and extra clip holder, 22 cal. Remington, 1864/1866 falling block Jager Model 1873-380-40 cal. w/case harden action

Pistols Black Powder:  Uberti 1861 Navy 36cal. percussion, Armi sport Italian 45 cal. percussion cap 6 shot revolver SN 44528, 45 cal. colt percussion cap pistol by Uberti Old Saybrook Traditions CL 31 Deringer SN 14-13-057509-98, 41 cla. Roman Nose Pc. engraved pistol, 4.5 cal. Italian by dp SN H11338 minature pistol NIB

75 Cal. Staff Cannon

Lead working equipment old to new and period correct, 2 flare guns with flares and 1 take 3 various caliber barrel inserts both with heavy wax cases in cotton


Reloading equip:  Dies and molds RCBS 3 pc. dies in 45 cal. colt 3/40 gal, 2 = 38/40 Lyman:  61.5 rnd bal. mold, 2-73.5 cal. ball mold, 39.5 ball mold, Lee:  primer set, 45/70 gav dies, 1 – 90400, 1 – 90398 maxy dies, Lee 380RB mold, Lee 90456 double Rb mold 52-72 1 Rmold, Lee 38/40 3 pc. dies Lee previse powder measure kit NIB

Ammo:  17-45/70 full brass rounds, various molded and sized rounds, 20 Buffalo bullet co 54435 54 cal rnds, 10 -410/70 slugs, Winchester and Remington caps, Buffalo 140 grain 44 cal. swagged lead round, Hornady 32 cal, 100 rnds, 100 count 451 rnd ball 53 cal. 100 count rnd., .350 dia. 5# 000 buck shot, 2 – 5# boxes #1 300 dia. buckshot, 6 box count 00 buck 12 guage by Belle & Seller, Several groupings of shot gun shells, #4 lead shot 5# bag, 100 cont. of Speer 451 rnd ball CCI 22 cal/short 100 rounds, 100 count of 380 RN by Rush Creek, 50 round 17 HMR, 50 rnd wad cutters, 3 box 12 G., 2 3/4:, Winchester 5 boxes 25 box 2 3/4″ Magteck 2 box 32 cal., 32 s/w 88 grain 2 boxes 50 each, 550 count 22 cal. box Federals, CCI 17 HMR 50 count/box, 22 Cal. long rifle bird shot 50 ct. box, 2 Winchester 22 cal. 50 ct., box, 40 boxes Remington 22 cal. target, 2 -5 ct. box 12 gauge slugs, 2 boxes 7.62 cal. 20 rnds, each 2 -100 count CB 22 cal. shorts, 3 boxes 38-55 cal. Winchester at 250 grain soft point, bags of black powder

Mountain Man Stuff:  traps 120,220,330 Conibear type, double long spring traps #1 1/2 up #11 Onedia Victor 4 x wolf double long spring Oneida Victor, MJ 600 Sterling 2- MJ 750 Sterling, Victor double spring jumpers, 2 -2 trigger coil nobs, #2 Newhouse, 2 Hudson Bay Coil #6, #8 victor double spirng #4 Hudson large black smith made double long spring bear traps, tunnel traps, live traps of  various sizes, snares and fleshing plank and hid stretchers and tarp setting tools

Clothing:  Full leather fringed antler button beaded cerimonial coat, Copote red woodland pattern with antler buttons, leather and fur accented coat with back beading, hats and more, Dyers Moes patterns and kits for many of the reinactment wear furs, fur hats, full size robe

Medallions and gargons, pipestone pipes and fetishes, peace pipes made with tomahawks with bead and feather accents

Hat stretchers and antique forms

Powder horns:  schrimshaw, tacked ornate copper measurers, shot and flint lock powder flasks, leather sling type

Lanterns:  Copper candle type, punch tin type, fat oil string type, kerosene type and more

Pipestone, flint and copper and stone ax heads

Smoking pipes:  Merschem, brier, clay tavern and many ornate, display case, Sherlock Holmes, etc.

Shaving Items:  straight razors, boar hair brushes, various mugs and mustache cups

Artwork:  JD Speltz of Lewis and Clark, Wolves by Schmidt, pencil drawing and mountain man prints and much more

Books:  Dennis and Smokey the book dealer ran and camped together…imagine the books!  Dennis has 500 plus of some vary rare books

Beaver and German Shephard figurine collection

Rondevuoeuz 2 Sargent type wedge tents like new, oak period correct camp furniture, 100 plus pieces of cast iron from Dutch to African, 3 Townsend type braisers, 4 or more smokers, wooden kegs and bungs, wooden carving yokes

Hammer Collection

Black Smith items:  4-6 leg vices fairer type, anvils, forges and blower parts, tools and tongs, rain gutter foam and end flutter die, hammers and jiggs

Hardware and handles of every description

1917 Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company wicker baby buggy

Well Puller Jiggs

Small Collectables:  fetishes and figurines, down hill mountain man on horse by Frederick Remington, Duck Dynasty collection, wind up robots from Lost In Space 1 NIB, plant models 2 Hunly submarine, Maytag quaint size can, cram city spout tin ammo cans

Axes:  Hawks, French, teared heart, trader, ceremonial and more ….Swords: pirate, crusade, medieval, Natzi, English, Peruvian, bearded, froes, Stihl, loggers single and double mountain ice axes, 2 sets of pole climbers….Knives to many to mention

Sharpening Tools:  round stones to flat stones to files to belt sanders 120 rpm 1/4 wet stone

Round 4′ dia. Sinclair HC gasoline lollipop 2 sided sign

Yard and Garden:  8 HP 26″ track drive snow blower, pull type 1 bottom plow, 2 bottom 3 pt Ferguson plow, every conceivable yard and hand tool, 40+ horseshoes, garden traveler count

Pelican Boat with 2 seats Minnkota trolling motor, fishing rods and tackle

Step side red pickup trailer with jack and spare

Beer making equipment and supplies:  Carbos, growlers, 300 wire close Grolesh bottles, drying trees, box mixes

Largest personal collection of VHS and DVD

Picture developing equipment:  Omega, enlarger and timers, trays, etc.

David Bradley attachments reel type mower, 1 bottom plow, sicyle mower, disc, 15″ tiller, cultivator

Craftsman 42″ 2 stage snowthrower for garden tractor Model 4862483, 8 hp 26″ walk behind tracked snowblower

Power Tools:  air compressor, Milwaukee drill with case, belt sander with papers, Fimco 25 gallon pull type sprayer with boom


Archeological Investigation @ Ft. Atkinson by Gayle F. Carson

The Daniel Adams Journal Edited by Charles Hansen Jr.

40 years of Fur Traders on the Upper Missouri by Charles Larpentar 1872

Old Hickory War by David Heidler and Jeanne Hedler

The Fur Trade of the American West 1870-1848

North American Indians by George Catlin Vol. II

Sketch Book Vol. VII Indian Allis by Ted Spring

The Great Northwest fur Trade by Ryan R. Gale

Historial Series #12 Red coat and Brown Bess by Anthonly D. Darling

Collectors Illustrated Encyclopedia of Am. Revolutin by G. C. Neuman and Frank J. Kramer

A. Shining Time Vol. 1 A Sketch book of Am. Mountan Men by Ted Spring

Book of buck skinning by William Scurlock Book #3-8

Indian Clothing of the Great Lakes 1740 \1840 by Sheryl Hartman

Tidings form the 18th Centr5ury by Beth Gilgren

The Hair of the Bear by Erick H. Bye

Fur Trade Sketch book by James a. Hansen

History of the Gertys by Consul Willshire Butterfield

Goss’s Journal of Lewis and Clark Expedition By Husmer 1904 Edition

Fourteeen Old Gun Catalogs Vo. #11 Second Edition by Satterlee

Lewis and Clark by John Bakless

Mountain Men and Fur Traders of the Far West by Harney L. Carter

The History of the Lewis & Clark Expedition Volume I, II, III by Elliott Coues

Many Tender Ties by Sylvia Vankirk

A Century of Photographs 1846-1946 from the Collection of the Library of Congress

Navy 103 Argentina Sentinel of the North Atlantic

the Black Arrown 1926 by Stevensen

Bulletin of Primitive Technology Vol. I, II, III

Great British Gunmakers 1740-1790 by Neal and Black

Recreating the Double Barrell Muzzle Loading Shotgun by William R. Brockway

Cecilia by F. Marion Crawford 1st Edition

US Navy War Photos

All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Kenmaeque

Robinson Crusoe by Defore 1925

1870 Complete Arithmetic First Edition

Complete stories of Poems of Edgar Allan Poe 1966

Iowan Northern Bomb Breigade 1975

1955 Pony Express by Leo Jensen

Steamboating on the Upper Mississippi by Wm. J. Petersen 1937

Simon Kenton by Edna Deaton 1928    1955-1836

In World War 1917 1918 1919 Rock County MN

Simon Girtz, The Outlaw by U. J. Jones 1932 Reprint of the Rare Edition 1846

1st Edition Daniel  Boone by John Bakless

Pilot’s Powre Plant Manual by L. e. Shedenhelm 10/1942

War of the Rebellion Official Records of Confederate Army Series 1 Jan. 1 to Jne 430 1865 Series #98,Augus5 20, 1862 to June 20, 1863

Business Guide by Nicols 1891

Sky Castle by Arthur Northrup 1st Edition

1939 Dragon Teeth by Ellery Queen 1st Edition

1st Bunker Hill Oration 1825 by A. J. George a.m.

Fools Errand by One of the Fools 1st Edition 1879

So many more books, too many to mention



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SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2015 AT 10:00 A.M.

Located at 121 N. 15th Street, Estherville, IA, follow signs from Highway 9 & 4 Intersection

Cassem 002

DESCRIPTION:  2 bedroom 1 1/2 bath  updated 1 story home with full basement and 2 car detached garage.  Very neat, nicely done home, garage and storage shed on 9,300 sq. ft. lot. Must see!

LEGAL DESCRIPTION:  Lot 4 Block 10 Paulson’s Addition to Estherville, subject to abstract of record

TAXES:  Taxes per year is $1,132 with homestead and is assessed for $60,500

TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  10% non refundable down day of sale.  Balance due on November 15, 2015 or sooner subject to merchantable title whichever date is later.  Proration to date of closing.  Sold ‘as is’ ‘where is’ with no warranties except for title

APPLIANCES:  Dyson roller ball vac, black 2 door Kenmore fridge with bottom freezer, 30′ almond gas range, 2 door Amana 20 cu. ft. freezer on bottom almond fridge, radios, componet sterios, Kenmore 3 burner gas grill with ank, George Foreman round electric grill, Bistro Rice cooker, convection oven, both by Wolfgang Puc, Soleus air mica thermo heater, G. E. 50 liter dehumidifier like new Kenmore washer and gas dryer, Howtime rotissere, Kenmore dehumidifier, Lasko fan, Magnavox 16″ flat screen TV, 15″ Phillips flat screen TV, DVD and VHS player recorder, wood accented electric fireplace 28″ x 26″ tal 123″ deep Ward sewing console machine stainless steel crock pots


FURNITURE:  Oak credenz, 6 storage shelves 6 shelves high porcelain top table lawn furniture and picnic table, card tables and chairs, 2 end tables Deacon’s bench, electric sette with 2 recliners


Black leather Homedics massage recliner like new, table with 2 chairs, air bed NIB, 6 drawer chest, cedar chest and floor lamps

EXCERCISE EQUIPMENT:  Life style 3100 treadmill, strider, Roadmaster airdine bike, Homedic massageer, Reds twister chair, weights, inversion hangup table/chair

POWER TOOLS:  1 1/4 hp /Craftsman shop vac, right angle grinder 3/8 drill, jigsaw, 8 1/4 Craftsman compound miter, belt sander router with  bits, bench top drill press 20 gal. Sears portable air compressor


YARD AND GARDEN:  6 3/4 hp Craftsman electric start self propelled mower with bagger, 22″ Snapper 4 hp snowblower like new, 3 hp Murray self propelled mower, FL-21 weed eater gas trimmer and more

TOOLS:  1 – 8′ Louisville fiberglass step ladder, 1- 4′ Keller fiberglass step ladde3r (Stock/On base roller, with top) 2 folding saw horses, drop cords, tool box with base, sockets and ratchets, moving carts and creepers, wheel barrow, show bench with vice and 2 wheel grinder, lots of hand tools


COLLECTIBLES:  Fishing rods, #104 Behrends spout can, bird feeders, Chilton manuals, cast iron tea pot, fillet knives, 2 metal stars, lawn ornaments, 4 solar light post in flower pot, windmill, weather vane, kitchen oddities, prints:  Terry Redlin ‘ Heading Home’ triple matted, Kelly print, Goebel print, Horse tapestery ornate clock, 4 cast irn horse drawn wagons, 3 kerosene lamps, speed music book, figurines, cookbooks


MISC:  Lots of hardware in case lots, gas cans, Tupperware, Pyrex, Corning ware, fruit jars, plants, statues, canning equipment, Christmas decorations, pots and pans

TERMS:  Cash or good checks with proper ID.  Items and terms subject to change day of sale without notice.  Sold ‘as is’ condition.